Interviu Mahmut Orhan / Mahmut Orhan Interview

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Aflat pentru prima data la Craiova , pe 2 iunie 2018, faimosul artist &dj Mahmut Orhan a mixat live la evenimentul intitulat EVOMANIA , bucurandu-se de aprecierea si simpatia unanima a publicului.Melodiile sale de succes si mare actualitate i-au determinat pe cei prezenti sa vibreze la superlativ si sa se bucure deopotriva de atmosfera formidabila creata. Reusita deplina a serii respective a fost urmata de amabilitatea lui Mahmut Orhan , de acorda un interviu interesant si in exclusivitate pentru EDM Romania. Ii multumim pentru amabilitate si il asteptam , cu interes, la cat mai multe evenimente de acest gen , in Romania ! Felicitari , de asemenea , organizatorilor si colaboratoarei noastre Dianei Ciobotea pentru interviul luat.

  1. Tell me how you started everything? How did you decide that you want to be a DJ and a music producer and how hard was it to say “Yes, this is what I want to do” and actually do it?

I started when I was young, like 17 years old. I first worked at a voice/sound studio in Bursa, Turkey and that started a curiosity about DJing and producing, so I begun to learn to DJ and I then producing music. It’s hard to make that first leap to making it a full time career but for me it was something I had to do.

  1. How do you feel every time you go upstairs on the scene, and see thousands or tens of thousands of people in front of you? How do you manage your emotions?

It is a wild emotional feeling and quite hard to describe in just words. I love the buzz it gives you. It is hard to find doing anything else. For me this is something I really enjoy and it makes me so happy to see fans enjoying my music!

  1. What do you think you could improve on your shows? Is there anything you think could be improved?

Not right now, I am very happy with how my shows are going. I think one day in the near future I would like to try a full live show but that is a dream for the future.

  1. Summer and fun are just starting now, where are you most excited to play this season?

I am really looking forward to playing EXIT festival in Serbia this summer. It’s one of the most iconic festivals in the world and a huge part of the dance music calendar so should be a great show!

  1. You’ve been to Romania for many times. What do you like most about our country?

The people and the culture. I enjoy the hospitality and the way everyone is really embracing towards having people visit and being proud of your country. I love that because it makes me feel at home which is a great feeling when you’re travelling a lot on the road.

  1. Here at EDM ROMANIA, we were impressed by your single “SAVE ME” with our Romanian singer – Eneli. Tell us more about this song and how this collaboration happened?

I love Eneli’s voice! I had an idea for a record and Eneli’s voice was just perfect for this concept. You can’t make the magic happen in a record if that little something is not there and Eneli is every part that special thing that makes the record really stand out. I am very happy you love it because it is such a special record for me too!

  1. What are your aspirations for the future? Who would you like to collaborate with?

My goal is to keep pushing my music and reaching new fans. I am loving this time in my life where I am on a journey exploring new places, new people and new music. It is like a dream come true and I am now embracing it with all my heart and working hard to achieve my dreams in music. I am working on some new projects with some amazing artists so I will announce something new very soon.

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