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Danny Avila is one of the names that achieved so much in the EDM industry, and one of the youngest DJ’s on the EDM scene. Also is one of the names that you will see at bigest festivals. Here at EDM ROMANIA we took some time to interview  Danny and see who is behind the „Danny Avila” name and DJ. Here’s what we got.

  Hello Danny! First of all, I want to thank you for the time of this interview and congratulate you for your entire musical career. I have noticed that you have grown very much over the years spent around the EDM sphere, and that can only be wonderful.

Thank you! Hello EDM Romania, it’s awesome to be here. It’s a wild ride – one of my favourite parts is chatting to curators like yourselves – thanks for the work you do.

Tell me how you started everything? How did you decide that you want to be a DJ and a music producer and how hard was it to say „Yes, this is what I want to do”?

I was raised by a very musical family, so it’s always been a large part of my life. I started learning piano and guitar from when I was a kid, before progressing to dabbling in music production in my teens. I was actually set on a wakeboarding career at the time (music was sort of a secondary hobby) and I had made it to the national wakeboarding championships. It wasn’t until I injured my knee wakeboarding that I had to take a back seat on that, and I really began to immerse myself in music production. I just became more and more obsessed and it went from there!

How do you feel every time you go upstairs on the scene, and see thousands or tens of thousands of people in front of you, do you have emotions? How do you manage them?

It’s something that’s super scary for most DJ’s I think, although you do slowly begin to get used to it as you become more exposed to it over time. I find that taking care of myself and sleeping enough before a show helps calm my nerves – but once I’m up there and the initial intro is over, the adrenaline kicks in and I’m just so in the zone!

What do you think you could improve on your shows? Is there anything you think could be improved?

I love a show with impressive stage set-up to accompany the sounds, so continuing to play on big stages with epic production quality is a constant goal of mine. Reaching those top-tier festivals and even club nights where the visuals and general aesthetic are above the bar. I’ve been lucky enough to play some amazing stages, but the bigger the better!

Even though summer and fun are just starting now, I want to ask you, where do you want to play music this summer? Or what festival left you pleasantly impressed?

In terms of where I want to go, I’m actually going to one of my favourites places on Earth next month – Ibiza! I’m playing NERVONATION again at Ushuaia which is always really fun. A recent stint of shows that I really enjoyed was Creamfields and Club S86 in China – the crowds there know how to party.

I have noticed that this year you will attend the Untold Festival in Romania. Do you have any surprises for the Romanian audience?

When I’m in a busy period of touring I like to whip out a surprise here and there to keep things fresh. As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m very focused on creating varied, interesting sets that take the audience on a journey. I like to incorporate a mix of different influences, electronic genres and sounds – so each set is different. I certainly have a few things in mind for you guys…

Here at EDM ROMANIA, we was pleasantly impressed by your new single „BRAH”. Tell us more about this song and, how you get inspirations for songs like this?

Thank you! After collaborating with The Vamps and Machine Gun Kelly on ‘Too Good To Be True’ (which was more of a mainstream, pop-tinged venture for me), I wanted to go back to my roots and put out a real dancefloor track. I’m all about that variety with ach release. I wanted to create a real bouncy bassline, something really upbeat to keep my hardcore dance fans happy! It’s a fun one to play out.

And as we’re talking about songs and content for your fans, I noticed your Youtube series of vlogs, titled „My life.” Tell us more about your vlog. Do you have time to divide yourself between studio, touring and vlog?

‘My Life’ is a new series I’ve decided to put out, to share my tour experiences with fans. So much stuff happens on tour, I decided it would be silly to not share the journey with everybody! In the series you can get a feel of the ups and downs of travelling and tour life, plus get a taster of my live show experience and everything in between. The tour/studio balance is something I find hard to balance to perfect, but I’m getting much better at it.


Thank you so much for the answers. In the end, I want to ask what your aspirations are in the future. Who would you like to collab with?

It’s a pleasure. My aspiration is to continue to work hard, to put out quality music that makes people happy, and to push myself to be the best version of myself I can be. Some of the top performers in EDM are a lot of artists who have influenced me, such as Tiesto. He knows where I am if he ever wants to collab!

We look forward to seeing you at Untold in the summer, thank you for the answers, and we hope to see as many songs and shows as Danny Avilla!

Thank you so much for having me, I appreciate you. Absolutely can’t wait for Untold – see you there!


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